Can I ship internationally?
Of course you can!  Just fill out the shipping form correctly but if you have any issues with your address try going to USPS.com and click on Find Zip Codes.  You can enter the first line of your street address, city, and state, and USPS will return the standard zip code and correct entry of your city, state, zip combination!  Cool, right?

How long will it take to ship?
Typically 2-3 business day, unless it is an out of stock item or limited-edition item.

When will my purchase ship?
We are making every little thing from scratch to ensure that you get the most fresh item possible, so thank you for being patient with us!  We usually process orders in 2-3 business days.  The shipping estimate displayed at checkout is the transit time after processing and does not include order preparation.

What's your return policy?
You can return any item if they are unused.  If the item is used, keep it and get in touch with us here.  If the item is on sale, we cannot issue a return as they are final sale. 

What if my item is damaged?
Please reach us here.  If you would like a refund, we will gladly give you one or we can send you a new item immediately just let us know! 

Is everything really made from scratch?
Yes, actually, and we're pretty proud to say its all handmade too! Everything we do in our businesses is from scratch whether it be making a new product to designing new ideas to photography and ads - its all us!

Do you use mineral oil in your products?
Nope!  That was one the most annoying things our creators hated, so they made a vow never to use it. They also try not to use any by products of the material. Which means we are also a petrolatum free company as well.

Are your products vegan or cruelty free?
YES, to both. We only test on humans.

Are you sulfate and paraben free?
Yes, to both again. We don't see the need in using them.