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Strolling down a packed aisle and browsing through the high-end, cosmetic luxury items, the Duo found what they were looking for: Inspiration, met at the same time with disappointment.  

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The Duo -  Alyssa & Eric - have worked in the industry most of their professional lives. Alyssa started dabbling in the beauty industry when she was still in high school. Learning theatrical makeup first at a local haunted house then working her way up to high end salon helping with hair and makeup. In between those times, Alyssa & Eric realized that people would pay high dollar for products with questionable ingredients.  

The Duo worked countless days and nights, working and honing in their craft in order to give the masses what they wanted - Luxurious looking items, quality ingredients and with reasonable price tag. All the while, Alyssa & Eric were in the lab, brewing up what would become the company people know and love. Today, we still stand by our original mantra - Handcrafted for the People by the People.